Sandberg Instituut Graduation, Het Hem (2020)

For the Master’s graduation show, I have presented two work: Living in A Blur, an audiovisual installation which translated my research in filming with video conferencing applications and Why Are we Pretending to be Clocks?, a series of sculptural pieces which dealt with the gelled, gelatinised emotions of sole home confinement. Both work address the contingency

Living in a Blur (2020–ongoing)

Living in a Blur is an audiovisual hybrid of workout-from-home videos and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) treatment, for those who suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing out) and productivity anxiety. 

Care, the Friendly Ghost (2020)

The transfer, exchange, reciprocation, and appreciation of care is a risky business. The master’s thesis, Care, the Friendly Ghost, investigates the notions and directionality of care through their manifestations in art, literature, films, technology, and philosophy. 

RGB Together (2020)

An Interactive game aiming to trigger children’s interest in the formation of RGB values. The project exists online and also as a portable installation which will tour to high schools in the North Brabant region in the Netherlands. 

The Commoners’ Salon (2019–ongoing)

The Commoners Salon is a peers-to-peers beauty station of mutual care. The project looked at hairdressing as a reciprocal activity and celebrates amateurism, peer learning and intimacy.

The Commoners’ Salon (virtual edition, 2020)

Due to the covid-induced common pause, in-person professions such as hairdressing has been suspended and restricted. This online iteration of The Commoners’ Salon is an experiment looking into the possibilities of translating and maintaining the affective labour of hairdressing when touching and gathering is no longer safe.

Post-Fordist Workout (2019)

“The post-digital gym is 24/7, always open, always busy. Membership is everything but free. Is the future of work going to leave us empty handed? Or more likely with tired hands?” 

Tomoko Mukaiyama

Tomoko Mukaiyama is a Dutch Japanese artist and pianist whose practice spans across visual art, music, performance art, theatre and film. This growing series of graphic work is born out of an ongoing dialogue for her respective projects. 

UABB: Re-Living the City (2015–2016)

Urbanism as large scale, top-down design upon cities is outdated. The new urbanist has a ‘hunter-gatherer’ mentality. Playing and re-using the UABB existing logo, a woven “RE” bag was designed and was carried by citizens of Shenzhen in a photographic-essay-turn-visual-identity.

Does it Spark Joy? (2019)

In reaction to the bureaucratic struggle between our study programme and a yearning to define a communicative working condition, a closed door symposium comprised of film screening, music, group reading and reflection. Collectively produced by The Commoners’ Society, the symposium resulted in writing a working manifesto for art students.